If you have diabetes, then you already know how quickly you go through diabetic test strips.

Whether you use Onetouch Ultra, which uses One Touch Ultra test strips, or some other kind of glucose monitor, you will need to have plenty of glucose test strips on hand.

Having to buy these test strips so often can really add up in terms of money. And, as a diabetic who has to purchase insulin and other important medications, you probably don’t have a lot of extra money to burn.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can save money on your much-needed test strips.

Shop Around But Do So With Care 

First things first, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to buying test strips is to just to go to one pharmacy, accept the price, and pay. Sadly, this is what most people, especially newly diagnosed diabetics who don’t know any better, do.

The reason that this is a big mistake is because pharmacies vary widely in terms of their test strip pricing. Also, there are many brands of test strips out there, and pricing also varies greatly based on brand.

Thus, with this information in mind, be sure to shop around for your test strips. Look online and go to different pharmacies in your area to ensure you are paying the lowest price possible.

Something to keep in mind, though, is that you do need to be careful about where you shop. There are some “online pharmacies” that sell shoddy strips, often illegally. The prices may look great, but saving some money is never worth risking your health and your wellbeing.

Likewise, be careful about buying test strips from Craigslist or other sites where you don’t know much about the seller. 

Get a deal, but get a deal safely.

Search for a Patient Assistance Program in your Area 

If you truly are in a position of financial need, rather than just hoping to save a few bucks, you may want to look for patient assistance programs in your area.

These programs are typically offered by the makers of various strips or by organizations that help the impoverished.

Through these programs, you can often get many free and reduced-price test strips. Bear in mind, however, that, in most cases, you do have to provide proof of income, and your income has to fall within a certain bracket in order to qualify. Different programs have different eligibility requirements, so if you get turned down by one, you can still apply for another. 

Sadly, in recent years, these programs have become less common and harder to find. However, there are still many out there, so do your research and look into as many options as possible. You might just find the one program you need to help you get your test strips.

Sell Test Strips When You Stand to Make a Profit

It may surprise you to learn that there are many companies out there that actually buy unused test strips from diabetics.

Selling your test strips to these companies can sometimes be worthwhile. Basically, if you are able to get test strips at a very low price- say, for example, you stumble across a sale or are given some by a friend- you can make money by selling your test strips.

Anytime you can make a profit from selling your test strips, it’s worth it to do so. Then, you can turn around and use any money you make toward test strips for yourself, as well as other supplies related to managing your diabetes.

Don’t Be Afraid to “Go Generic” 

One of the most major ways to save money on your test strips is to choose the generic brand of strips whenever possible.

Some people worry that generic products will be lower in quality, but, honestly, they’re typically the very same product just packaged differently. Store brands are especially good, though really any brand that made it to the sales floor is probably going to be just fine.

What’s even better is that store brands or other generic brands are often half the price or less of the big name brands. So, by choosing the generic option, you can save a ton of money and ensure that you always have enough strips.

As you can see, there are many ways to save money while still properly managing your diabetes. Follow these tips and use good common sense when shopping, and you should be able to save big money. The money you save can go a long way toward helping you adequately manage your diabetes, so it’s certainly worth any extra effort you have to put in.

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